The No BS Human Design Podcast

How Discovering Human Design Has Helped Kristin Quattlebaum Become Her Unapologetic Self

March 28, 2024 Episode 124
The No BS Human Design Podcast
How Discovering Human Design Has Helped Kristin Quattlebaum Become Her Unapologetic Self
Show Notes

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Once you learn about Human Design and discover your chart, it's hard to forget about it. Many times a light bulb comes on and it answers so many of your questions about why you are the way you are. But it can also help you live the life you were destined to!

Kristin Quattlebaum was a corporate leader for 15 years. She discovered Human Design and it led her to discovering her true purpose. She left the corporate world and is now a purpose guide and healer. Kristin taps people back into the you who you were meant to be!

As a 1/3 Emotional Projector, Kristin has a defined head and ajna - with an almost fully defined spleen. Her gift is being able to read people and be very intuitive to what they are feeling.

We are diving deep into how Human Design has helped Kristin in life and business. Talking about:

  • What did she find frustrating about her Human Design?
  • Is there a part of her chart that she wishes was not part of her design?
  • How she is an energy projector and the different ways we use our energies
  • How has understanding her Human Design helped her energy work evolve?

Kristin has worked through most things and feels like she can be unapologetically her true self. Human Design really helped her realized that she is on the right path in her life and in her purpose!

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