The No BS Human Design Podcast

Navigating Through Your Emotional Waves

March 07, 2024 Adriana Keefe Episode 120
The No BS Human Design Podcast
Navigating Through Your Emotional Waves
Show Notes

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Our emotions can take us on an emotional roller coaster ride! Today we are talking about how we can live through these waves.

When we look at our charts, within our solar plexus is our emotions. You will either be defined or undefined, this will set you up for how you feel your emotions.

Someone who is defined in their emotions is very emotional! They go through the ups and downs - yet these are very consistent waves. They are here to slow down in their decision making and need space to make decisions.

While, an undefined person will take on the emotions of others around them. They do not go through consistent waves as their emotions can change drastically depending on who they are around.

How you your emotions go through these waves is dependant on:

  • Other centers in your body graph
  • Other people's energies that your around
  • Planetary transits

Please just remember this one thing - When you are in a negative space, don't try to repress it or bypass it!

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