The No BS Human Design Podcast

The Power of Cacao with Daniela Miranda

February 29, 2024 Adriana Keefe Episode 119
The No BS Human Design Podcast
The Power of Cacao with Daniela Miranda
Show Notes

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Have you ever used Cacao as a component to your wellness and healing?  In this episode we are talking with my friend Daniela Miranda about Cacao and how she uses it to help others!

Daniela is a 5/1 Generator and a medicine woman!  She connects people to their own guides and gets them into a space of pure relaxation.  In this space they are ready and open to receive any messages.

Cacao is a plant medicine that is not based on a hilusiant.  It helps you release things that you are stuck on and open your heart.  

We are discussing...

  • How it is important to honor the medicine
  • Not all medicines are right for everyone
  • What is a Cacao Dieta?
  • What is the purpose of a Cacao Dieta?

Cacao is a great component to your mental wellness. It can help keep you balanced and grounded!

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Connect with Daniela
Instagram @iamdaniela.miranda

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