The No BS Human Design Podcast

Marriage Counseling Using Human Design with Michelle Purta

February 15, 2024 Adriana Keefe Episode 117
The No BS Human Design Podcast
Marriage Counseling Using Human Design with Michelle Purta
Show Notes

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Do you ever feel strain in your relationship or find it hard to communicate with your partner? We are diving into how Human Design can help you better understand your partner and how it can help your relationship thrive! 

Michelle Purta is a marriage coach, wife, and mom of 3. She helps parents transform their marriage from co-parenting roommate status to feeling like a couple again! Through her own personal struggles with relationships Michelle discovered Human Design. She is a 1/3 Manifesting Generator and now uses Human Design in her marriage counseling. 

In her work Michelle helps couples realize they don't have to choose between being a great parent and having a great marriage. She is here with us today as we talk about...

  • How conflict is very healthy in a relationship
  • How Michelle uses Human Design in her counseling
  • Who is the head of the house and who needs managed within your family based on your defined centers
  • How we can honor ourselves within our families and relationships

"The more use to discomfort you become, the more productive your conversations will be! " - Michelle

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