The No BS Human Design Podcast

The Environment Variable with Krystle Kavalsky

December 07, 2023 Adriana Keefe Episode 107
The No BS Human Design Podcast
The Environment Variable with Krystle Kavalsky
Show Notes

What is your variable and how does it relate to the space that you are in?  We are taking a deep dive into the variable types, more specifically your Environment, with Krystal Kavalsky!

Krystal is a Human Design guide and intuitive. She helps guide others back to their true self to begin to live the life of their dreams! She empowers others to follow their own convictions to meet their version of success.

Krystal is a 1/3 sacral generator and an expert in variables, referring to them as our "internal algorithm".

There are four types of variables:

  • Determination
  • Environment
  • Perspective
  • Awareness

As we take an in depth look at the Environment variable, Krystle shares with us the six colors of Environment.  These colors can be used to transform the space around you and align your energy!

Krystle wants to share something special with you.  She has a beginner roadmap that you can find here!

For more in depth information join Krystle in her Variable Intensive starting in Spring 2024.  Learn more here.

Connect with Krystle:
Instagram @journeythroughhd and @humandesignastroclub
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