The No BS Human Design Podcast

Machine Gun Kelly's Human Design Chart: A Detailed Look

October 05, 2023 Adriana Keefe Episode 98
The No BS Human Design Podcast
Machine Gun Kelly's Human Design Chart: A Detailed Look
Show Notes

I don't typically get caught up in the celebrity world, but when I recently went to a Machine Gun Kelly concert with a friend, something LIT ME UP!
My friend is a big fan and told me a lot about him. I started reading into him and watched his documentary... it got me hooked and I just HAD to read his chart!

Machine Gun Kelly (Colson) has a lot of individualism in his chart. He is a 1/3 Projector with splenic authority and an open head, ajna, heart, solar plexus, and sacral. 

I'm exploring his chart and sharing on:

  • Why the pandemic lockdown likely caused him try a different genre of music
  • Why he is a highly influential individual (received positively and negatively)
  • Where a lot of his struggles stem from
  • What may have led him to where he is today in his sobriety

This was so much fun for me!
Is there another celebrity that you'd like me to read their chart? Send me any suggestions you have!

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