The No BS Human Design Podcast

Defined vs. Undefined Spleen with Lisa Anderson Shaffer

September 28, 2023 Episode 97
The No BS Human Design Podcast
Defined vs. Undefined Spleen with Lisa Anderson Shaffer
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a defined and undefined spleen?  We are diving deep into this topic today with Lisa Anderson Shaffer, mentor and coach to creative professionals through Human Design and energy work.

Lisa started her career as an artist.  About a year ago she closed up her jewelry business after getting into Human Design and energy work.  Lisa did not expect that understanding energy though Human Design would be very informative in the creative process within art!

My chart shows a defined spleen while Lisa's shows an open spleen.  With an open spleen, Lisa shares with us:

  • Her body has an awareness and can see things before they get worse
  • She feels intuition in spirit and not in body
  • Fear... she feels primitive fear and uncertainty

In energy work we blame ourselves. There is energy that happens to us that is external and most times that's what impacts our health.  Through tragedy, Lisa connected with her energy within.

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