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How Did I Get Here... Functional Burnout!

September 14, 2023 Adriana Keefe Episode 95
The No BS Human Design Podcast
How Did I Get Here... Functional Burnout!
Show Notes

Something I NEVER thought I would have to say... I have been diagnosed with functional burnout!

I found myself struggling to wake up in the morning and had a feeling of emotional exhaustion.  I was no longer feeling excited and I felt disconnected from my feelings of who I wanted to be.

Through self reflection and research I found Dr. Christina Maslach, the pioneer of the Maslach Burnout Inventory.  It's the most used tool for measuring job burnout!

Our sacral center, is our largest motor center.  It works like a battery, you have to put into the reserves in order to get something back.  As women, we know that our sacral replenishment does not replenish in a 24 hour period.

As a Generator, my motors powered me through it (burnout).  They're not in tune with the reasoning of what is happening.  Often we can experience hormonal imbalances during burnout.  I discovered that I have extremely high estrogen even though I did not have any of the physical symptoms.

Looking back I had too much mental output and I need to reboot!  Some of what I did was:

  • Go back to my human design chart  to recognize again my life purpose
  • Worked on a trust hypnosis
  • Asked the universe how I can get back on track
  • Lived in the moment and was present

The universe told me to trust in timing and to not speed through life!

If you are going through burnout PLEASE reach out to me!  I am happy to share my resources and help you get through this phase in life.

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