The No BS Human Design Podcast

How to Track and Manage Your Energy Flow with Christine Ofner

August 10, 2023 Adriana Keefe Episode 90
The No BS Human Design Podcast
How to Track and Manage Your Energy Flow with Christine Ofner
Show Notes

Have you ever felt energized one week and depleted the next? Me too! Lucky for us, Christine Ofner is sharing how she helps her clients track their energy to work with their bodies, not against them.

Christine is a holistic business and mindset coach and helps online business owners run their businesses based on their energy flow. She’s passionate about her work here to reconnect clients with themselves and create a collective change together! Unfortunately for her, she had to learn the hard way. After needing to take time off for self redevelopment, she was led to energy management tracking.

The best part about why her work is so special to me? Christine uses her client's human design chart to customize her coaching for each client! The other tools that she uses within her coaching are:

  • Cycle syncing
  • Moon cycle syncing
  • Circadian rhythm

But what is energy management tracking? This helps you figure out your energy flow and track it, looking for patterns to see what influences your energy. It creates a schedule in business and life to create consistency. Your energy level changes every week and so does your productivity!

When you understand your energy cycle you can take the time for self care without feeling guilty, keeping you from burnout.

Listen now to learn the 3 steps to start tapping into energy TODAY!

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