The No BS Human Design Podcast

Ep. 61 Coming Out Of "Spiritual Hiding"

February 03, 2023
The No BS Human Design Podcast
Ep. 61 Coming Out Of "Spiritual Hiding"
Show Notes

Ever have a secret hobby or interest that feels weird to share with others?

I'm talking, like...coming from a religious background and finding more resonance with astrology. Or maybe being used to the "main stream" average lifestyle but then recognizing you are more of a "Yogi" or philosophical human than those in your environment.

That's how I felt throughout what I call my spiritual awakening.

It took me a long time to be open about the fact that I think Human Design is at the center of success for everyone.

Today, I'm sharing with you why and how I came out of hiding with my "spiritual side", and what it feels like once you do.

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