The No BS Human Design Podcast

Ep. 60 "Human Design Saved My Business" with Sara Kelly

January 26, 2023
The No BS Human Design Podcast
Ep. 60 "Human Design Saved My Business" with Sara Kelly
Show Notes

This is one of my FAVORITE type of episodes to air!

Not only do you get to listen in on how a business owner turned her business around...
But you get to hear it straight from one of my Human Design clients!

Today we are joined by Sara Kelly,  a CEO-MOM of her home in Upstate NY who runs Your Aligned Home, a home management consulting business, and a graduate of my Human Design for business program (officially launching next week). 

You get to hear all about her journey, from before learning about Human Design to what business and life looks like now.

Sara is a Projector who shares on:

  • Being on the edge of shutting her business down before the program 
  • Learning the business model she was running was sucking the life out of her
  • The results she's seen in her business growth just 1 month after

and more!

This work is literally life changing and I CANNOT wait for you to see what your design can do for you!

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