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FTD: Healing Through Grief with Maria and Rachael (+ Their Relationship Chart Reading)

March 21, 2024 Adriana Keefe Episode 122
The No BS Human Design Podcast
FTD: Healing Through Grief with Maria and Rachael (+ Their Relationship Chart Reading)
Show Notes

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Grief - we all experience it but it can come into our lives in different ways. Especially when you have a loved one that is diagnosed with a terrible disease. Maria Kent Beers and Rachael Martines, through tragedy, found each other and have created a community that has become a resource for people going through the same thing!

Maria and Rachael are co-founders of Remember Me and co-hosts of the Remember Me Podcast. Within one month they both lost a parent to the terrible disease FTD (Frontotemporal Dementia). At the time, they did not have the support or resources as caregivers and loved ones of family members with FTD. But they decided that this needed to change, so they created Remember Me!

Their podcast first started as a education center on symptoms, care, end of life, and stories of who the people were before they were diagnosed. Now, it has turned into a community with events, supports, and international Doctors coming to share their knowledge about FTD. 

Naturally, I wanted to see what Maria and Rachael's Human Design combined chart looked like. Their friendship and business is incredible and I just HAD to see what it said!

  • Together their combined chart is the chart of struggle - they are forever struggling to find their purpose.
  • Every center is defined - meaning that they complete each other

I know this episode is different than my normal, and I felt so incredibly pulled to share this with you all! I hope that it helps you with any grief you are going through and that you share it with someone who needs it today.

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