The No BS Human Design Podcast

A Deep Dive Into The Sacral Center (Defined & Undefined)

January 04, 2024 Adriana Keefe Episode 111
The No BS Human Design Podcast
A Deep Dive Into The Sacral Center (Defined & Undefined)
Show Notes

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Due to trauma in my past, I became very disconnected to my body. Even though I have worked through my trauma with different techniques I was still having triggers that would keep this disconnection appearing. This is when I realized that I needed to HEAL something within, that something was hiding in the sacral center!

What is the sacral center? Whether yours is defined or undefined, it's like the epicenter of your energy – the key to flipping the switch on your inner power.

If you've got a defined sacral, cool! You can channel energy like a superhero towards stuff you love.  On the flip side,  if you are not excited about what you are doing you will not have the energy to do it.

Now, for the undefined sacral folks, don't you worry!  You're not built for the marathon energy sprints.  It's all about the ebbs and flows.  Do less, but do it with intention.  Feel the vibes around you, tap into someone else's energy, and make things happen.

Remember, doing less is the secret sauce. Take a breather, figure out what sets your soul on fire, and focus your energy right there!

Journal prompts:

  • What situations are exhausting for me?
  • Do I know when my body is telling me when enough is enough?
  • Where have I been in alignment with my sacral center?
  • What one thing can I start doing today to grow in alignment with my sacral center?

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