The No BS Human Design Podcast

Scale Your Business with Human Design and Holly Haynes

December 28, 2023 Adriana Keefe Episode 110
The No BS Human Design Podcast
Scale Your Business with Human Design and Holly Haynes
Show Notes

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As a strategic coach with 20 years of experience in business consulting, Holly Haynes knows a thing or two about how to successfully grow her business.  The best part... she uses Human Design as one of her tools! Holly helps female entrepreneurs create simple scalable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures without relying on the social algorithm.   

Holly is a 2/4 manifesting generator. She is sharing with us how she uses her Human Design to better scale her business. After learning that she needed to schedule time to recharge Holly made space in her schedule to do things that she LIKED to do.  By doing this her business started to thrive!

Holly realized that her 2/4 leaned into growing and scaling her business off social media. That's when she launched her podcast Crush the Rush, which is a top 100 podcast!

She balances networking within her community to avoid burn out. By creating down time it allows for Holly to be creative and grow her business.

Discover Holly's framework to growing a business while ditching the social HERE!

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Podcast Crush the Rush

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