The No BS Human Design Podcast

An Inside Look at a Chart Reading

December 14, 2023 Episode 108
The No BS Human Design Podcast
An Inside Look at a Chart Reading
Show Notes

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Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to have your Human Design chart read and what you would learn?  With their permission, I am giving you full access into a chart reading that I did with one of my clients!

We deep dive into what it means to function as a 1/3 Generator. With this reading, her goal was to learn how she can grow her coaching business and find the confidence that she is missing to do so, and we found so much more.

Her biggest questions were answered, from:

  • Why she was feeling so frustrated and what she could do about it
  • Whether or not she’s doing the “right” work for her design
  • How to harness her sensitivity as a superpower
  • The part of her design that shocked her but validated what her intuition and Akashic records had been telling her
  • And more!

Get your chart below to follow along  - you might find similarities in your own chart!

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