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Feminine Energy: What Is It And How To Use It with Charlett Albert

September 21, 2023 Adriana Keefe Episode 96
The No BS Human Design Podcast
Feminine Energy: What Is It And How To Use It with Charlett Albert
Show Notes

What is feminine energy? Charlett Albert is an expert and loves helping other women thrive by discovering their own feminine energy!

Charlett is originally from Germany but never felt at home there.   After traveling the world she met her husband in Florida and finally felt at home in the sunshine state.

When Charlett needed some direction she hired a coach specializing in feminine energy. That rippled out into her business and relationships. Now she works with women from all over the world!

As women we are always taught to be in our masculine energy and to focus on working hard. This is not in alignment with who we are as women. When you are in your feminine energy you're out of your head and focusing on your body!

When you get familiar with your feminine energy is very POWERFUL and Charlett urges women to familiarize themselves with it. By tapping into the nurturing part of our energy, things come more easily and our relationships improve!

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